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The SmartPrinters now with USB port and converting function « back

SmartPrinters have been redesigned with converting function and USB port for a free software update!
The new SmartPrinters are the right choice for all test applications in higher volume remanufacturing. The unique spring loaded gold contacts give you a perfect control of the electronic condition of every single cartridge.
The automated cartridge holding function ensures an operator proof testing process! Now with online software upgrade! SmartPrinter available:

The SmartPrinters include the TSR (temperature sensor) measurement and code recognition on HP and Canon PG cartridges! Converting possibilities are listed below.

Paperless printing is another feature of this testing system. It allows printing without wasting any paper!
The cartridge prints into a washable suction pad which is easy to replace! Extensive parameter setting and statistics functions are integrated.
The models SP828 and SP838 have in addition a self learning function for recognition of new cartridge types!

The test units have fast response time, within seconds the electronical status of a cartridge is identified. This saves time and money, because only cartridges with working electronic will be remanufactured!

Following SmartPrinter types are available:

SmartPrinter 800 HP45/15/23/78
SmartPrinter 818 HP 50 series
SmartPrinter 828 HP 3xx series
SmartPrinter 838 HP60/300 series
SmartPrinter 848 HP61/301 serie NEW
SmartPrinter 929 Canon PG 40 series
SmartPrinter 939 Canon PG510 series
SmartPrinter 949 Canon CL511 series
SmartPrinter 727 Lex 30/80 series

Available are the following USB SmartPrinters:
SmartPrinter 800 (no USB) (HP45/15/23/78)
No converting options

SmartPrinter 818 (HP 21/22/27/28/56/57/58/59)
Converting function: HP27->HP21, HP27->HP56, HP28->HP22, HP28->HP57,
HP28->HP58, HP28->HP59, HP57->HP58, HP57->HP59, HP57->HP22, HP56->HP21

SmartPrinter 828 (HP 7x/8x/9x/10x/33x series)
Converting function: HP92->HP94, HP93->HP95, HP336->HP338, HP342->HP343,
HP92->HP850, HP92->HP852, HP98->HP851, HP93->HP854, HP93->HP855,
HP95->HP855, HP97->HP857, HP99->HP858, HP135->HP855, HP134->HP857,
HP138->HP858, HP850->HP852, HP854->HP855, HP132->HP131, HP136->HP135,
HP132->HP850, HP134->HP857, HP136->HP854, HP129->HP851, HP132->HP852,

SmartPrinter 838 (HP 60col/60colXL/60bk/60bkXL/300col/300colXL
No converting options at the moment

SmartPrinter 848 (HP61bk/col +XL, HP301bk/col +XL, HP122bk/col +XL, HP662bk/col, HP650bk/col, HP704bk/col, HP301colB and HP61colB inverted color MYC )
No converting options at the moment

SmartPrinter 929 (Canon PG 30/31/37/38/40/41/50/51/52 series)
Converting function: PG 40->50, 40->37, 41->51, 41->38, 50->37

SmartPrinter 939 (Canon PG 210, 210XL, 510, 512, 810, 810XL series)
Converting function: PG 210XL->210, 512->510, 810XL->810

SmartPrinter 949 (Canon CL 211, 211XL, 511, 513, 811, 811XL series)
Converting function: CL 211XL->211, 513->511, 811XL->811

SmartPrinter 727 (Lexmark 1/23/24/28/29/31/32/33/34/35/82/83/88)
No converting options at the moment

Converting functionality, function and the rate of possible converting on cartridges is not guaranteed! Cartridges may get defect by trying to convert. Cartridges may give error messages in some OEM applications! OEM cartridges may have different types from different production batches and dates. Online printer updates and expiration dates (age of the cartridges) restrict the using of converting of refilled/converted cartridges.
Converting ID codes is at your own risk and peril.

Available are further SmartPrinter types on request:
SmartPrinter 707 (Lexmark 20, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and similar)
inclusive adapter for Lexmark 16, 17, 26, 27

SmartPrinter 800 (HP 15, 45, 17, 23, 41)

SmartPrinter 808 (HP 78d, 78a)

Price and availability SmartPrinter series
Price: on request
+ Packaging & Handling Fee: Euro 85.00
Availability: 2-3 weeks
Subject to: model and price changes

SmartPrinter brochure

SmartPrinter brochure DE

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