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New converting options for the ShopTester200! « back

1. February 2011: NEW improved converting software for HP 339 -> 350XL available

The now provided and latest FREE available software integrates a new converting function! After the download and installation on your USB ShopTester200, a new converting option in slot 5 is available:

Converting 339 -> 350XL
Converting 344 -> 351XL
Other convertings are in preparation

We do not provide the 337-350XL due to the small 337 cartridge body

Known restrictions at the moment:
Cartridge with dates 08.2009 until 12.2010 are the range with the best success rate.
In general the convert yield rate is about 60-70%.
Unfortunately the converting success rates on the 344 cartridge are only about 20-30%
If converting fails about 60-80% of cartridges are ok with the old recognition and can be re reused with the origin ID.

Download here:

After registration you will receive within 1-2 business days an email with the accesses to the download section.

Converting functionality, function and the rate of possible converting on cartridges is not guaranteed! Converted cartridge my goes defect by the trial to convert. Cartridges may give error messages in some OEM applications! OEM cartridges may different types from different production batches and dates. Online printer update and expiration date's (age of the cartridges) restrict the using of refilled/converted cartridges.
Converting ID codes is at your own risk and peril.

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