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New updates available?

Beside you see the screen after choosing "device status" on the menu of the ST200. This shows the actually installed Software versions.
If yours showing this version no upgrade is necessary.
If not, we recommend to upload the latest version of the software by choose "Download" on the left side menu!

Slot 5/3 reports all cartridges to have a defective TSR sensor what happens?

The "on all cartridges TSR error" is caused usually from particles of dry pigmented ink. Pigmented ink (also the dry particles) are conductive and will give you this misreadings.

The dry ink causes a short between the pin and the housing or between each other.

To resolve it clean the dirty contact carefully using the Cleaning menu. To clean more extensively you can remove the respective slot carefully and clean the contact on this module outside of the housing. BE CAREFULL! Sensitive electronic is on the back of the modules!

Are you able to convert cartridges in other cartridge types?

Some OEM IDs’ can be modified

Converting an HP56 to an HP21 is possible. The cartridge after converting will show as an HP21 universal.
This means that it is a universal cartridge for most printers that take the HP27/28 and HP56/57.
The HP21 Universal will not work in the OEM printers that definitely take HP21/22.

The newest conversion option is the HP339 to HP350XL and the HP344 to HP351XL.
Available just with a software upgrade on the ST200.

What’s causing the electronic damages on cartridge?

Cartridge nozzles and the electronic components fail primarily for two reasons — Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and nozzle burn-out. ESD occurs when bursts of electricity hit the cartridge print head or circuit strip. Typically, this happens in charged environments and/or with handling by ungrounded employees. Burn-out of a nozzle generally occurs when a cartridge prints long periods of time after the ink has run out. The ST 200 displays both the total number of nozzles and those that are bad. The user can determine whether to process the cartridge further if a small percentage of nozzles are not good.

Picture shows a transistor destroyed by ESD

Prints on ST200 shows missing parts and with lines on the test print

The ST200 is only able to print in one direction and with each row independently. Printer driver are printing several (4-6+more!) times over one print, therefore the prints on the OEM printer with these cartridges will show a good print!

New converting options for the ShopTester200!

1. February 2011: NEW improved converting software for HP 339 -> 350XL available

The now provided and latest FREE available software integrates a new converting function! After the download and installation on your USB ShopTester200, a new converting option in slot 5 is available:

Converting 339 -> 350XL
Converting 344 -> 351XL
Other convertings are in preparation

We do not provide the 337-350XL due to the small 337 cartridge body

What is a recognition code? (ID)
The ID identifies the cartridge model for the printer. It exists on most HP cartridges with an integrated print head (examples: HP 21 or 22, 27 or 28 cartridges). If the ID is defective or not recognized by the ST200, the cartridge recognition can be selected from a list of possible cartridge types and still be tested.
Older printers like the HP 5/6/800 printers do not read the ID, so a faulty ID is not a problem there.

IMPORTANT: a defective or non-recognized ID will generate an error message or may not work on some Multi-Function Printers (MFP)!!
If a common cartridge type is not recognized by the ST200 the ID may be faulty.

Is the ShopTester able to reset Canon PG cartridges?

NO. The ST 200 can deactivate the ink counter in the Canon PG cartridges, but not reset the counter to FULL.
The advantage of the ink counter switch off is that the cartridge has a defined status after the switch off so that the user just needs to confirm this change by pressing a button on the printer.
The OEM construction of this cartridge does not allow us to reset the ink counter to full.

We are getting HP 56/57 cartridge test fine in the ST200 but won’t register in an MFP or a Desktop

First check this cartridge with "show value", make sure you have more than just one of these cartridges.
If the measured value of nozzles (and TSR!) is close to the already set reject value, verify this result with a second cartridge.
If the same result appears set the value lower or higher so that cartridges are now rejected by the ST200.

Converting: HP56/57 to HP21/22

This converting function is also free integrated in the latest software version of the ST200!

This will bring the new converting option to slot 3. Converting 56/57 to 21/22 universal cartridges.

Youtube link:

56-21 Converting

What is a TSR?
The TSR is a thermo sensor that regulates the print head speed on most HP cartridges to prevent them from overheating. The TSR reduces the print speed if the print head temperature increases too much when printing full coverage prints or pictures. An MFP may refuse to run a cartridge with a defective TSR. Older printers may run with a defective TSR but this could be problematic. If a cartridge overheats while printing it may print unevenly; therefore cartridges with damaged or defective TSRs should not be used. Typically this affects between 1-3% of the HP electrical defects.

On the HP 90 / 300 cartridges the tester shows New – Used – Empty what does it mean?
The ST200 displays some cartridges (primarily the HP 9x/3xx series) as follows:
NEW = cartridge is new or was not used in an MFP printer.
USED = cartridge was used in printer, but not printed totally empty.
EMPTY= cartridge was printed totally empty.
Some MFPs enter these descriptions into the cartridge by switching off the “0/1 bits”. This could cause an MFP to display that the cartridge can not be used further or the ink level is shown as empty or the MFP may even refuse a cartridge because of an error message. The OEM has modified the code so that this cartridge cannot be reset to new (at this point of time!).

Self learning function at Slot 5, 8 and 9
If new cartridge ID code is launched to the market the ST200 has a self learning option on Slot 5, 8 and 9.
New cartridges ID's, compatible with cartridges in one of these slots, can be learned with this function.
Such cartridge, after the self learning procedure, will be recognised as “New Color / New Black” cartridge or with the number of one existing cartridges listed in the ST200 software.
Make sure you have at least 5-10 pcs of such new cartridges virgin OEM in order not to store invalid or corrupt ID codes.

What does the ShopTester 200 actually test and measure?
Circuit testing the electronics of an inkjet cartridge is not just checking for faulty nozzles, measuring the
Ohm resistance/Mho conductivity, or testing for circuit continuity. The ST200 has a wide array of other
unique, yet valuable features such as cartridge resetting, cartridge converting, TSR thermo sensor testing,
ink counter deactivating, new cartridge self-learning as well as recognition and production code self-learning.

What is a production code? (PC) - 56/57 reset function
The PC of an ink jet cartridge is essentially the identification or serial # of that specific cartridge.
When a cartridge has been refilled and placed into a different printer there are usually no issues. However, most printers save the PC of the last three cartridges that were installed. If the refilled cartridge is placed in the same printer that it was taken out, the printer may not accept that cartridge.

For many of the newer printers and also if the same cartridge goes into the same printer, we recommend to generally reset the cartridges. Resetted cartridge will then be recognised as new.
The Production Code can only be reprogrammed as far as the 0/1 BITs exists. Usually 3-5 times.

New nozzle values for HP350 (Slot 5)

We have found a new version of the HP350 cartridge. This cartridge has a gold colour nozzle plate. The previous version had a silver colour plate.

The existing nozzle value setting for this cartridge in the ST200 is 200/332 (low/high).

The new setting needs to be adapted to 150/332 (low/high).

This new cartridge type has a middle nozzle value of 180 and will be rejected by the ST200 because of the old value setting!
If the new setting is done the ST200 will accept this cartridge as OK!

Such changing on existing cartridges is often the case. Make sure you test such type cartridges with the SHOW VALUE function on your ShopTester, to see the middle value of the nozzle and may adapt the (low/high) nozzle value settings!

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