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The ShopTester 200 is the modular, multifunctional testing unit! Tests now with all modules more than 150 different types of cartridges. The modular system and the free USB upgrading capability make this system to a safe investment! All ST200 will be delivered in the larger housing for 10 Modules/Slots!

The ShopTester 200 has a unique modular structure. Because of this special construction method it is very easy to update future testing possibilities like Canon PG510 or HP300/60 or other upcoming cartridge types.
Additional feature is the integrated converting and resetting function for some cartridge types!

Latest Software Update August 2013:
New ID's integrated: Slot 12
New ID's integrated: Slot 9: HP121 series, Slot 5: HP860 series.
NEW improved converting software for HP 339 -> 350XL available.

-Tests now more than 100 cartridge types
-FREE software updates
-Integrated cartridge converter and resetter function for some cartridges
(slot 1,2,3,5,8,9,10,11)
-TSR testing clearly indicated (important in MFP printers)
-Self detection of cartridge type or manual selection
-Detects all HP cartridge recognition codes!
-Self learning cartridge recognition mode for upcoming new types (slot 5,9)
-Modular system, 5 spare slots for new cartridge types
-Measures the resistance of every single nozzle
-Detailed print out with ladders and single rows
-Prints the company name on paper strip
-Uses large paper rolls (250m) for less money
-Print out with colour combinations
-Detailed print out with grey scale
-Automated extraction of contact pins
-Saves time with automated testing cycles
-Analyzes and sorts out bad empties
-Statistic and counter functions
-Gold-spring contacts
-USB connectivity
-Small footprint
-Based on industrial testing standard
-Available as integrated retail system

Following slots for testing are available:
Slot 1
HP15N, HP15D, HP45G, HP45A, HP17, HP23, HP41
Slot 2
HP78D, HP78A
Slot 3
HP21, HP22, HP27, HP28, HP54, HP56, HP57, HP58, HP59
Slot 4
LEX 16, 17, 27, 28 �.
+ compatible Dell cartridges

PLEASE NOTE: The slots above have a combined electronic board. They are not exchangeable with below listed modules.

Slot 5
HP74, HP74XL, HP75, HP75XL, HP93, HP94, HP95, HP96, HP97, HP98, HP100, HP101,
HP102, HP110, HP129, HP130, HP131, HP132, HP134, HP135, HP136, HP138,
HP140, HP140XL, HP141, HP141XL,
HP336, HP337, HP338, HP339, HP342, HP343, HP344, HP348,
HP350, HP351, HP350XL, HP 351XL
HP850, HP851, HP852, HP853, HP854, HP855, HP857, HP858, HP860, HP860XL, HP861, HP861XL, HP921, HP932, HP943, HP954, HP965, HP976, HP987, HP998,
+ self learning cartridge types

Slot 6
LEX1, 14, 15, 23, 24, 28, 29, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 82, 83, 88
LEX bk 10 : generic type Dells etc.
LEX col : generic type, Dells etc.
LEX : generic type Dells etc.
+ compatible

Slot 7
LEX 41, 42, 43, 44 series, Dell 7

Slot 8
Canon PG 30, 31, 37, 38, 40, 41, 50, 51, 52 series

Slot 9
HP60col, HP60colXL, HP60bk, HP60bk XL, HP300col, HP121col, HP121colXL, HP121bk, HP121bk XL, HP300col, HP300colXL, HP300bk, HP300bkXL, HP901col, HP901bk, HP901bkXL

Slot 10
Canon PG 210, 210XL, 510, 512, 810, 810XL

Slot 11
Canon CL 211, 211XL, 511, 513, 811, 811XL

Slot 12
HP61col, HP61colXL, HP61bk, HP61bk XL, HP301col, HP301colXL, HP301bk, HP301bkXL HP122col, HP122colXL, HP122bk, HP122bk XL

NEW ID's on Slot 12:
HP662col, HP662bk, HP650col, HP650bk, HP704col, HP704bk
HP301colB and HP61colB inverted color MYC

Modular system
The ShopTester 200 has a modular construction which allows to have an easier maintenance. This because of the easy exchange of each single module.

All modules are made with the professional pin testing head, based on our more than 15 years experience in industrial testing heads at our SmartPrinter range! Capacity: 200-500 tests/day.

Converting included!
Included is the extended converting and resetting function for some HP and Canon cartridges. More than 50 converting possibilities are now available for HP and Canon cartridges:

Slot 1
HP45A -> HP45G, HP45A -> HP15D, HP45A -> HP15N
HP45G -> HP15D, HP45G -> HP15N, HP15D -> HP15N
HP23 -> HP17

Slot 2
HP78D -> HP78A

Slot 3
HP27 -> HP21, HP27 -> HP56, HP28 -> HP22,
HP28 -> HP57, HP28 -> HP58, HP28 -> HP59,
HP57 -> HP58, HP57 -> HP59
NEW Software 3.22 = convert HP57->HP22, HP56->HP21
(not fully compatible with all MFP's!)

Slot 5
HP92 -> HP94, HP93 -> HP95, HP336 -> HP338
HP342 -> HP343

HP92 -> HP850, HP92 -> HP852, HP98 -> HP851
HP93 -> HP854, HP93 -> HP855, HP95 -> HP855
HP97 -> HP857, HP99 -> HP858, HP135 -> HP855
HP134 -> HP857, HP138 -> HP858, HP850 -> HP852
HP854 -> HP855, HP132 -> HP131, HP136 -> HP135
HP132 -> HP850, HP134 -> HP857, HP136 -> HP854
HP129 -> HP851, HP132 -> HP852, HP136 -> HP855

NEW 339 to 350XL and 344 to 351XL!

Slot 6 / 7

Slot 8
Canon PG 40->50, 40->37, 41->51, 41->38, 50->37

Slot 9

Slot 10
Canon PG 210XL->210, 512->510, 810XL->810

Slot 11
Canon CL 211XL->211, 513->511, 811XL->811

Slot 12

Converting functionality, function and the rate of possible converting on cartridges is not guaranteed! Cartridges may get defect by trying to convert. Cartridges may give error messages in some OEM applications! OEM cartridges may have different types from different production batches and dates. Online printer updates and expiration dates (age of the cartridges) restrict the using of converting of refilled/converted cartridges.
Converting ID codes is at your own risk and peril.

Price and availability ShopTester 200
Standard set up slot 1-4+5: on request
Slots 6+7+8+9: on request
Slots 10+11+12: on request
Availability: 2-3 weeks
Subject to: model and price changes

ShopTester 200 brochure

ShopTester 200 brochure DE

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