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InkJet Cartridge Cleaning Intermediate Application « back

Cleaning in the shop environment is one of the major parts for reaching a quality ink jet refill service.
Customers will come back to your store if your refill service and quality was good.

Following recommended units and production steps are necessary to support your customers with best possible remanufacturing quality in any refill shop. Best possible, smooth and successful cartridge cleaning is guaranteed.

Recommended for shops and smaller productions (up 200+ cart./day).

Step 1 - Vacuum boiling__ShopVacuum 105_Vacuum Boiler
Step 2 - Spray cleaning__ShopClean 55___Atomizer Spray
Step 3 - Flushing_______ShopClean 105___Sponge flushing
Step 4 - Centrifuge_____ShopDrain 100___Centrifuge

Highest possible yield rates are guaranteed! The cartridges are ready to vacuum fill!

ShopClean 55 - Atomizer spray with micron size drops to penetrate nozzles
Universal nozzle plate cleaning unit (jet atomizer) for all cartridge types. Cleaning of the print head from the nozzle up to the firing chamber and release of dried ink and pigments. Small footprint! Only air pressure (60-90psi) required! Direct hook up to the air compressor.

ShopVacuum 105 - Vacuum Boiler for up to 12 cartridges/cycle
ShopVacuum 105 Impregnation Unit (vacuum boiler)
Vacuum Boiler for all sponge type cartridges for effective rehydration in all capillaries in inkjet cartridges.
Timer controlled for up to 20 pcs color or black cartridges.
With separator for humidity condensate release.

ShopClean 105 - Sponge Flushing for 3 color cartridges/cycle
Internal cleaning system for all kind of inkjet cartridges.
Sponge flushing device for 3 colour cartridges or 9 black cartridges in one cycle.
Plug and Play unit! 3 pumps inside, just switch the lines on or off!

ShopDrain 100 - Centrifuge incl. multi holding cradle for up 12 cartridges/cycle
ShopDrain 100 for most effective emptying of old ink. Universal draining centrifuge with adapter for all common cartridge types. The adapter holds the cartridges straight in direction of the nozzles to empty all ink or cleaning fluid. This is one of the most important process steps for reaching a high quality printing result. A must for all kind of remanufacturing operations to empty sponge core cartridges to the same level of ink on each chamber.

Item details & price on request
Item no. 5565: ShopClean 55
Item no. 4620: ShopVacuum
Item no. 4618: ShopClean 105
Item no. 5405: ShopDrain 100

Recomend production steps for best possible remanufacturing quality

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