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Build up your Shop with CBR Engineering's Shop Set product range

Build up your own refill service station with a professional partner
CBR Engineering AG offers complete support for starting a professional inkjet remanufacturing and refill business. CBR Engineering AG offers solutions to allow a successful start in an independent remanufacturing business. Besides the high quality equipment which is easy to operate, functional and based on high volume technology, CBR offers a wide range of quality supplies, technical trainings and a competent backup service.

Operating from Switzerland CBR Engineering and its distribution partners are always close to their customers needs and up to date on market changes.

CBR Product range

The Ink Jet Shop Work bench. Attractive set price!!

This recommended production work bench set consists of equipment that supports the best possible product quality for print head type cartridges. This set is usually a part of franchise store equipment or higher volume refill stores requirements to reach best possible refill quality.

The Work bench consits of:
- ShopFill 55-Eco (opt. with Timer)
- ShopClean 55
- VacuumBoxx
- ServiceUnit 55
- ShopDrain 100

Recomend production steps for best possible remanufacturingquality

InkJet Cartridge Cleaning Intermediate Application

Cleaning in the shop environment is one of the major parts for reaching a quality ink jet refill service.
Customers will come back to your store if your refill service and quality was good.

Following recommended units and production steps are necessary to support your customers with best possible remanufacturing quality in any refill shop. Best possible, smooth and successful cartridge cleaning is guaranteed.

Recommended for shops and smaller productions (up 200+ cart./day).

Recomend production steps for best possible remanufacturing quality

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