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CBR Engineering's Print Head Vacuum Filling Technology

The vacuum ink filling technology avoids cartridges to stop printing after some pages and allows a higher availability and capacity of the cartridge during its whole life-time.

This filling technology gives a better functionality of refilled cartridges and therefore a better quality and customer satisfaction!

Compare the specifications of the units! Vacuum filling needs at least -0.85 Bar / -640Torr!

Filling time on the ink refill machine is usually 1-1.5 min per cartridge.

Pictures on the left shows the main difference between Vacuum and Syringe filling!

CBR Product-Range 2014 (English)

CBR Produktepalette 2014 (Deutsch)

ProFill 155 TP - Touch Panel operated filler

The professional vacuum filling unit is suitable for all sizes of inkjet remanufactures and refillers. Automated filling process. PLC with Touch Panel operation!

Filling capacity at 90sec. cycle time:

2 colour cartridges: 80 cartridges per hour
6 black cartridges: 240 cartridges per hour

ShopFill 55 NEW with Timer option for serial production

The smallest and most reliable and efficient vacuum filling unit with modular functions! Together with the new timer option this unit can handle also serial inkjet refill production. Ink tubes then can be connected directly to the top ink connectors. The timer will control the applied ink in the cartridges.

> Vacuum filling function: Integrated dispensing valves support all ink lines simultaneously for a gentle and slow filling. For all types of color and black ink jet cartridges under vacuum condition!
> Boiling function (optional): Vacuum boils the cartridges in the VacuumBoxx
> Timer (optional): Setting the filling pump running time for an easy serial production


ProFill 155 TP Touch Panel

The professional vacuum filling unit for all inkjet remanufacturers and refillers, with automated process. Touch Panel operation!

The ProFill 155 TP is a professional InkJet cartridge refilling machine to fill all types of inkjet cartridges under vacuum. The machine incorporates the latest program, pump and vacuum technology enabling cartridges to be filled to OEM weights!
NEW: Now 50 different recipes (ml, etc.) for different cartridge models can be stored in the unit!

ProFill155_the most advanced inkjet filling unit

ProFill 445 Solvent

Upon request of several postal cartridge filling companies. CBR-e has built some specialised filling machines for solvent inks.
The ingredients in solvent based inks are highly aggressive against all standard rubber parts of standard filling machines. These solvents have an effect on all parts they come in contact with, e.g. pumps, valves, connectors, tubes etc.
Therefore solvent inks usually will break down standard filling units quickly.
The solvent proof ProFill155 uses only material such as Teflon coated and others materials, that are stable against the most aggressive solvent based inks

Multiple filling adapters like for 45 type cartridges or bag type cartridges or bottles are available.
The filling machines can be made upon customerís request, automated, manually, extended linesÖ etc.
Also the automated balancing station for 45 cartridges is being produced based on solvent proof components.

The45 Balancing unit

The automated balance station for 45 cartridges.
Timer controlled suction at the print head will evacuate the remaining air and collapse the bags for a proper balancing function. With the pneumatic cylinder and the special manufactured 45 sealing pad the suction reach all nozzles. Suction and cylinder down time is timer controlled.

ProFill 155 Kiosk with high precision dosing sensors: 0.1ml Accuracy!

Now available! Swiss precision filling unit have 0.1ml filling accuracy!

CBRís NEW ProFill 155 Kiosk incorporates the refill process for the most used inkjet print head and tank cartridges and it is perfectly suited for kiosks such as shoes repair or key cutting. This ink fill machine can be integrated also into other franchise chains.

Kiosk ProFill155 (English)

Kiosk ProFill155 (Deutsch)

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