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A few years ago CBR-E developed a system to operate all production steps using cartridge racks. These racks would hold up to 6 cartridges at one time. This complete set of equipment had been designed to increase productivity and to lower production costs.

The small footprint makes the equipment now suitable for anyone producing 100 and more cartridges a day. The new units have integrated a new touch screen programmable PLC to adapt the productions steps to your needs.
This automated equipment along with the other production units, will allow you to produce 100 up to 1000 cartridges a day.

CBR Product range

Volume Production

JetClean 155 - Automated spray cleaner

A rack based high volume atomizer spray cleaning unit, for nozzle plates and firing chambers. Fully automated process. Selectable 3 or 6 nozzles operation (depending on compressor size). Touch screen control PLC.

Cleaning capacity at 90sec. cycle time:

3 nozzles operation: 120 cartridges per hour
6 nozzles operation: 240 cartridges per hour

FlushClean 155 - Automated sponge cleaner

Rack based high volume flushing unit, for the flushing of the internal cartridge sponge. The machine cleans 6 cartridges at once, fully automated, easy changing of fixtures. PLC with touch screen control.

Cleaning capacity at 180sec. cycle time:

6 colour cartridges: 120 cartridges per hour
18 black cartridges: 360 cartridges per hour

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