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InkJet Cartridge Cleaning

Cleaning is a very important step in remanufacturing of Inkjet cartridges.
It is important to have a smooth process which gives you the best possible success rate without cleaning cartridges to death!
Rely on our almost 20 years experience in this field and several 100 of shops and production plants all over the world!

CBR Product-Range 2014 (English)

CBR Produktepalette 2014 (Deutsch)

InkJet print head cartridge cleaning

CBR Engineering AG’s volume units are based on a standardized 6-up rack for different cartridge types. The racks have all same size so that a minimum of handling and changing of adapters is required.

The modules may be operated as stand-alone units or combined in a fully automated processing line. More information about "High Volume" and details find also at:

Recommended for productions (more than 400 cart./day).

JetClean 155 - Fully automated atomizer spray cleaner

Rack-based high volume atomizers spray cleaning unit, for nozzle plates and firing chambers. Fully automated process. Selectable 3 or 6 nozzles operation (depending on compressor size). Touch screen control PLC. Rack insertion used for multiple types of black & colour cartridges. It is a very effective way of cleaning cartridges. For use with cleaning fluids. The spray is set to an angle 10° for optimised cleaning effect. Including 1 piece 6up rack for HP3xx series. Racks for different cartridge types available.


FlushClean 155 - Automated sponge cleaner

Rack based high volume flushing unit, for the flushing of the internal cartridge sponge. The machine cleans 6 cartridges at once, fully automated, easy changing of fixtures. PLC with touch screen control.

Cleaning capacity at 180sec. cycle time:

6 colour cartridges: 120 cartridges per hour
18 black cartridges: 360 cartridges per hour

ShopClean 55 Atomizer

Reduced to the max! Universal nozzle plate cleaning unit (jet atomizer) for all cartridge types. Cleaning of the print head from the nozzle up to the firing chamber and release of dried ink and pigments. Small footprint! Only air pressure (60-90psi) required! Direct hook up to the air compressor.

- most effective and smooth cleaning!
- for use with cleaning fluids
- spray angle 10° for optimised cleaning effect
- micron size drops generated
- stainless steel atomizer nozzles and housing
- fluid consumption at 3 bar/45psi = ~25ml

ShopClean 55

ShopDrain 100 Centrifuge

The most effective emptying of old ink. Universal draining centrifuge with adapter for all common cartridge types.
The adapter holds the cartridges straight in direction of the nozzles to empty all ink or cleaning fluid.
This is one of the most important process steps for reaching a high quality printing result. A must for all kind of remanufacturing operations to empty sponge core cartridges to the same level of ink on each chamber.

The adapter is also available individually and fits in every centrifuge with an inner diameter of 24.5 cm and a M8 central screw.

ShopDrain 100


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