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ProFill 155 Kiosk with high precision dosing sensors: 0.1ml Accuracy! « back

Now available! Swiss precision filling unit have 0.1ml filling accuracy!

CBR’s NEW ProFill 155 Kiosk incorporates the refill process for the most used inkjet print head and tank cartridges and it is perfectly suited for kiosks such as shoes repair or key cutting. This ink fill machine can be integrated also into other franchise chains.

Now the built-in fluid sensors allow a high precision metering of ink. The accuracy of each independent line is reaching 0.1 ml! No other equipment supplies this precision in ink dosing!
For refilling low ink volume cartridges this becomes necessary.

Two additional membrane pumps support the ink jet cartridge refill process with suction or flushing application.
One pump working “forward” to flush or fill cartridges with open compartments like HP88 etc. The other pump working “backward” for suction applications or to collapse bags or balance 45 cartridges or working together with the “forward” pump to perfectly fill brother cartridges! Of course also this function will be storable by using the recipes!

The vacuum chamber is now built into the housing and can be used to vacuum boil cartridges, as well for filling standard integrated print head cartridges, the ProFill 155 Kiosk will also fill tank style cartridges!
It also has a new dosing system which will support 0.1ml filling accuracy!

New features are integrated:
Precise ink dosing in 0.1ml steps! New dosing sensors on each ink line!
50 different recipes for cartridge types and their parameters
10 different selectable ink lines
Vacuum boiling for print head cartridges
Tank cartridge filling
Integrated suction and flushing pump

Optional available is an integrated web server. With this feature you will have access to your ProFill 155 Kiosk from anywhere in the world, by computer or smart phone!

High precision filling accuracy! 0.1ml resolution!
Now the built-in fluid sensors allow a high precision metering of ink. The accuracy of each independent line is reaching 0.1 ml!!
The new developed PLC software counting impulses from the flowing fluid on each line will stop exactly on the set volume. On all 50 recipes you are able to set the requested volume to each selected ink line to 0.1 ml accuracy!
No pump drift, tube tension or other effects will change the volume anymore. Just the fluid which is moving to the cartridge is counted!

50 recipes with individual parameters and selected lines!
The new programmed PLC are able to store all parameters such as filling volume, vacuum holding time, vacuum delay and the ink source on each of the 50 recipes. The recipes are individually named and this makes the daily work for the operator a lot easier.
You can just choose the type of cartridge parameters for the described type, making it simplier for the operator.
All stored parameters are able to be adjusted if necessary by the operator.

Tank cartridge FillBox
For vacuum filling and boiling of cartridges we have developed a new tool, the FillBox. The FillBox will hold up to 6 cartridges in a compartment and will fit inside the vacuum chamber.
The FillBox will hold the cartridges underneath the fluid level. When the vacuum is applied, the air will be evacuated out of the cartridges and when air flows back, the cartridges get complete fill of ink!
Just place 1-6pc cartridges in the new tank cartridge filling FillBox. Place the FillBox in the vacuum chamber and select the tank filling recipe and start. The cartridge gets completely filled within 30 sec. without any drilling!

Webserver Optionally
As optional extra a webserver can be connected to the PLC. This Webserver is available from any internet access by PC or Smart phone or Tablet.
Information like filling statistics, most used recipes and other information are available online and give a clear information of usage of the machine at the stores or franchises.

Technical datas
Power supply: 110/240V - 24V/3A
Built-in vacuum compressor: -0,85Bar /-640Torr
Standard ink lines: 8 selectable ink lines
Inclusive 1pc FillBox: for 1-6 tank cartridges
Capacity: up to 120 cart./h
Optional: Webserver/Fill boxes

Kiosk ProFill155 (English)

Kiosk ProFill155 (Deutsch)

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