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ProFill 155 TP Touch Pane l NLA « back

The professional vacuum filling unit for all inkjet remanufacturers and refillers, with automated process. Touch Panel operation!

The ProFill 155 TP is a professional InkJet cartridge refilling machine to fill all types of inkjet cartridges under vacuum. The machine incorporates the latest program, pump and vacuum technology enabling cartridges to be filled to OEM weights!
NEW: Now 50 different recipes (ml, etc.) for different cartridge models can be stored in the unit!

An integrated PLC control system with TOUCH screen allows an accurate measure of ink and the parameter settings ensure a fully automated cycle of the filling process, including 8 single selectable ink lines.
This MultiLine technology allows individual cartridges to be filled as well as batch based production that has connections directly into ink containers. 8 volumetrically controlled ink pumps are integrated.

The housing and vacuum chamber are made of stainless steel.

Filling capacity at 90sec. cycle time:
50 differnet recipes for different cartridge types
2 color cartridges: 80 cartridges per hour
6 black cartridges: 240 cartridges per hour
Power supply 110 - 240 V 50/60 Hz / 24Volt

Optional features:

Optional filling cradle: Head filling for HP 45/15 cartridges incl. pump
Optional ink lines: + 8 lines
Optional second vacuum chamber

Touch Screen
The Touch Screen display allows controlling all production steps. The installed software gives you the ability to adjust the main parameters to your needs.
50 different recipies for different cartridge types and parameters are available!

Double vacuum chamber
This option significantly increases the capacity of the device. The pictured unit fills 8 black cartridges in the left chamber and eg. 2 pcs. 3 chamber cartridges in the right at the same time. All lines are connected directly from the ink containers into the vacuum chamber, so that mixing of different inks is impossible!

This system is therefore extremely flexible!

Stainless steel VacuumBox
The heavy stainless steel vacuum box supports an excellent vacuum seal. The lid closes by itself just as it is.
6 inkline inlets for multiple filling of cartridges:
- 2 color
- 6 black
-1 color / 3 black

Technical datas, price on request
Power supply: 110/240V - 24V/3A
Built-in vacuum compressor: -0,85Bar /-640Torr, Vacuumgauge 0 - -1Bar
Standard vac ink lines: 6 ( inlets 6 direct)
Price: on request
Optional: Second vacuum chamber

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