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Upon request of several postal cartridge filling companies. CBR-e has built some specialised filling machines for solvent inks.
The ingredients in solvent based inks are highly aggressive against all standard rubber parts of standard filling machines. These solvents have an effect on all parts they come in contact with, e.g. pumps, valves, connectors, tubes etc.
Therefore solvent inks usually will break down standard filling units quickly.
The solvent proof ProFill155 uses only material such as Teflon coated and others materials, that are stable against the most aggressive solvent based inks

Multiple filling adapters like for 45 type cartridges or bag type cartridges or bottles are available.
The filling machines can be made upon customer’s request, automated, manually, extended lines… etc.
Also the automated balancing station for 45 cartridges is being produced based on solvent proof components.

Bag type cartridge filling unit for high aggressive solvent inks. Especially equipped membrane pumps for vacuum and filling integrated. 8 independent switchable ink lines.

Ink Volume
4 Intependent ink Pumps setting will give you the best possible volume controll for your ink.

The new solvent proof 4 line filler ProFill 445 is capable to fill 4pc 45 cartridges and have an integrated and automated balance station.

Filling Adater for 45 cartridges
Automated needle slides are available. This model is automated and with solvent prove tubes and connectors for aggressive ink filling.

Bottle filling adapter for solvent ink
Adapter for bottle filling is also available. Solvent ink is used for many applications also for example for Tattoo inks. Adapters for different bottles sizes can be manufactured by using 4.

Also slider loaded adapters can be made to increase productivity.
If you provide is with samples of the bottles and volume you like to fill we can provide a selective quote for your needs.

Balancing station for 45 cartridges
After closing the ball hole the 45 type cartridges need to be balanced. This unit applies timer controlled vacuum suction of the print head to remove remaining air out of cartridges.

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