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The smallest and most reliable and efficient vacuum filling unit with modular functions! Together with the new timer option this unit can handle also serial inkjet refill production. Ink tubes then can be connected directly to the top ink connectors. The timer will control the applied ink in the cartridges.

> Vacuum filling function: Integrated dispensing valves support all ink lines simultaneously for a gentle and slow filling. For all types of color and black ink jet cartridges under vacuum condition!
> Boiling function (optional): Vacuum boils the cartridges in the VacuumBoxx
> Timer (optional): Setting the filling pump running time for an easy serial production


The unit provides filling with your already existing syringes! You'll get filling results like never before! You will be able to fill all your color and black cartridges under high vacuum condition. Also direct lines can be hooked up just as you need.

It is completed with electrical vacuum compressor and stainless steel housing.
No need of complicated ink selectors! Just use what you use anyway! No ink mixture possible! Just plug and play!

The ShopFill 55 is THE unit for all shop applications of any size and offers with its additional helpful functions exactly what you need!

Vacuum filling function:
Just fill YOUR syringes, stick them on the top of the vacuum chamber, activate the vacuum compressor and after reaching -0.8 bar switch to fill - vacuum filling is done that easy!
It works! No valves opening because of integrated dosing valves! Therefore no overspilled cartridges anymore!

Optional VacuumBoxx Impregnation Unit - to connect to ShopFill55
VacuumBoxx impregnation unit (vacuum boiler)
Vacuum Boiler for all sponge type cartridges for effective rehydration in all capillaries in inkjet cartridges.
With counter weight to keep the cartridges below fluid level.
To connect to the ShopFill55-M or any other vacuum pump.

Inside dimension: WxLxH 140x140x120mm

Optional Timer
The filling time can be set exactly with the timer. Therefore the filling process will be further automated. This is also very convenient for filling larger cartridge volumes.

Technical datas:
Power supply: 110/240V - 24V/3A
Built-in vacuum compressor: -0,85Bar /-640Torr, Vacuumgauge 0 - -1Bar
Ink lines: 4 independent switchable lines
Ink application: 4 built-in dosing valves
Built from stainless steel: housing, vacuum chamber and work plate

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