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CBR Engineering's Vacuum Filling Technology for tank cartridges

The vacuum ink filling technology is an common filling technology for all kind of cartridge types.

This filling technology gives a better functionality of all refill cartridges and therefore a better quality and customer satisfaction!

The vacuum chamber filling for tank cartridges are the most effective way to fill tank type cartridges in batches.
2 or up to 200 cartridges, depending on the chamber sizes, are fillable in only one filling step in only some minutes! This system bring filling time down to only some second/per cartridge!

VacuumFiller 120

Vacuum Filling Unit 118Lt Vakummkammer D50cm/H60cm komplett mit Deckel und Pumpe.
Die Steuerung wird in dem Falle Manuell gemacht, will heissen für 2 Zyklen die es üblicherweise zum befüllen braucht, startet man einfach die Pumpe 2mal.. und lässt nach erreichen des Vakuums die Luft manuell, mit dem öffnen eines Hahns wieder einströmen.


Vacuum boiler for large volumes of tank cartridges filling
Also for all print head type cartridges for effective rehydration in all capillaries in inkjet cartridges.
Filling: volume vacuum filling of tank cartridges. Filling of 20+ tank cartridges in one cycle.
Power supply: 3 - 230/400 V- 50 Hz
Steel chamber (id) 297 mm (high) 360mm
Base dimensions 650mm W x 400mm

SeviceUnit 101

The Service Unit101 are used to prime the tank cartridges!
They are used to bring the ink level in the tank sponges down so they will not leak after filling.


The additionally available VacuumBoxx for Tank cartridge filling!

Canon C-Racks

Cartridges are hold in any position.
The racks have wide cut outs to allow a complete cartridge outside rinse cleaning afterwards.

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