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Vacuum Filling Unit 118Lt Vakummkammer D50cm/H60cm komplett mit Deckel und Pumpe.
Die Steuerung wird in dem Falle Manuell gemacht, will heissen für 2 Zyklen die es üblicherweise zum befüllen braucht, startet man einfach die Pumpe 2mal.. und lässt nach erreichen des Vakuums die Luft manuell, mit dem öffnen eines Hahns wieder einströmen.

A 118 litre steel VACUUM chamber
A welded steel chamber measuring 500mm internal diameter and 600mm high.The chamber wall thickness is 4mm with an additional 4 mm reinforcing band at the top of the chamber. The resulting 8 mm thick top edge is machined to produce a flat and smooth seal face resulting in a very leak tight chamber. The base is 10 mm thick to prevent distortion under vacuum pressure.

A vacuum pump, model LC.25 25m³/hr Oil Lubricated Vane Vacuum Pump
Compact design, low noise level, simple oil check and refill and ease of maintenance are the main features of this series. The damping and recovery system, equipped with a by-pass, together with the new float type oil recovery valve, ensures the absence of oil vapours at the exhaust. Moreover a check valve at the inlet prevents oil suckback should the pump stop under vacuum.

Standard pump includes:

Exhaust mist eliminator
Non-return valve (anti-suckback)
Container of BV 68 oil
Hose connector 13mm diameter

2 metres of clear wire reinforced plastic vacuum hose together with hose clips.
1 x 27 litre plastic mixing bucket.
Vacuum oil
3 swivel and braked castor wheels fitted as standard.
Time to evacuate the 118 litre chamber (empty and clean) with the above vacuum pump to a pressure of 20mbar will take approximately 67 seconds.

Single stage
Pumping speed 25m³/hr
Final pressure 0.5 mbar
Voltage 230V Motor power 0.75 kW
Noise level 62dB
Weight 26kg

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