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Vacuum Boiler with the new C-Rack for Canon volume filling « back

This vacuum filling method is not really revolutionary but the most effective way to fill larger volumes of Canon cartridges.

PLC Touchscreen allows to set automated vacuum cycles an time.

The C-Rack's holds the Canon cartridges in any position while vacuum filling.

C-Rack will hold 15 color or 10 black cartridges. This allows to fill up to 180 cartridges in 10 minutes!!

The most effective way to fill volume canon cartridges! One type rack will fit for all Canon types. One rack holds 15 color or 10 black cartridges.
The ink boxes which fit in the vacuumboiler hold up to 12 racks at one time!

Simple steps to fill up to 180 cartridges within minutes!!:

- Fill the racks with same kind of cartridges
- Place the racks in the InkBox
- Fill up the ink in the InkBox
- Place the InkBox in the vacuum chamber
- Start programm
- PLC will cycle vacuum
- Relieve vacuum
- Take out racks and rinse the outside of cartridges

Filling of 180 cartridges is done!

The InkBox is placed in the VacuumBoiler155. You are able to place up to 12 racks in one InkBox.

Cartridges are hold in any position.
The racks have wide cut outs to allow a complete cartridge outside rinse cleaning afterwards.

Just place the racks in the InkBox. The box has space for 12 C-Racks. The InkBox will then be placed in the VacuumBolier155.

Place racks in the InkBox and fill the ink
Place the InkBox in the vacuum boiler and fill the ink in the box. After applying vacuum the air will go out of the cartridges. When you relieve vacuum, the ink will go inside the cartridges and fill all the compartments.

180 cartridges filled in 5 minutes in the VacuumBoiler 155!!
VacuumBoiler155 - the Vacuum boiler for large volumes of cartridges. For all sponge type cartridges either for effective rehydration or filling! Fluid or ink will enter into all capillaries in inkjet cartridges.

Vacuum chamber size: 50 Lt.
Height: 50 cm.

Tecnical datas:
Art. No.: 7403
Rack capacity: 10 Black / 15 Color cart.
Dimension: 250x87x320
Price: Single 49
Price: Pack 5pc 199
Price: Pack 10pc 398

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