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NEW ProFill900 for HP932/933 and 950/951 Series « back

The new ProFill 900 for cartridge series HP930/950
The devices of the ProFill Serie as usual are PLC controlled and provided with a touch screen. The ProFill 900 is specially programmed with a sequential filling process. Because of this a possible overpressure in the cartridges is eliminated during the filling process. After the sequential fill is open and set correctly the air chamber inside the cartridge. This prevents a leak or flood of the printer by insert the cartridges.
The parameters of the pumps can be individually adjusted and stored on 10 recipes.

4 lines are available with which all 4 colors can be filled up at the same time. The individual Ink lines directly can be switched off / on at each recipe.
All cartridges can be completely emptied in the vertical position of the adapter. For this a one touch function is programmed which can be launched directly on each recipe also.

Adapter in filling position
In filling position the sequential filling process avoid overpressure in the cartridge.

Adapter in emtying position
In the emptying position you are able to empty the cartridge prior to the filling sequence with a “one touch” function on the touchscreen display.

Adapter available
The filling adapter is also for own use available!
This allows a manually use of existing filling pumps or syringes.

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