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CBR Engineering's Vacuum Filling Technology for tank cartridges

The vacuum ink filling technology is an common filling technology for all kind of cartridge types.

This filling technology gives a better functionality of all refill cartridges and therefore a better quality and customer satisfaction!

The vacuum chamber filling for tank cartridges are the most effective way to fill tank type cartridges in batches.
2 or up to 200 cartridges, depending on the chamber sizes, are fillable in only one filling step in only some minutes! This system bring filling time down to only some second/per cartridge!

Vacuum Boiler with the new C-Rack for Canon volume filling

This vacuum filling method is not really revolutionary but the most effective way to fill larger volumes of Canon cartridges.

PLC Touchscreen allows to set automated vacuum cycles an time.

The C-Rack's holds the Canon cartridges in any position while vacuum filling.

C-Rack will hold 15 color or 10 black cartridges. This allows to fill up to 180 cartridges in 10 minutes!!


Vacuum boiler for large volumes of tank cartridges filling
Also for all print head type cartridges for effective rehydration in all capillaries in inkjet cartridges.
Filling: volume vacuum filling of tank cartridges. Filling of 20+ tank cartridges in one cycle.
Power supply: 3 - 230/400 V- 50 Hz
Steel chamber (id) 297 mm (high) 360mm
Base dimensions 650mm W x 400mm

ShopVacuum Filler105

ShopVacuum Filler (vacuum boiler)
Easy volume filling of tank cartridges! Up to 40 cartridges can be filled in 5 minutes!
Vacuum boiler for all sponge type cartridges for effective rehydration or bactch filling of tank cartridges.

For up to 40 pcs color or black cartridges per cycle.
VacuumBox in stainless steel with a 8mm drain valve.

NEW ProFill900 for HP932/933 and 950/951 Series

The new ProFill 900 for cartridge series HP930/950
The devices of the ProFill Serie as usual are PLC controlled and provided with a touch screen. The ProFill 900 is specially programmed with a sequential filling process. Because of this a possible overpressure in the cartridges is eliminated during the filling process. After the sequential fill is open and set correctly the air chamber inside the cartridge. This prevents a leak or flood of the printer by insert the cartridges.
The parameters of the pumps can be individually adjusted and stored on 10 recipes.

SeviceUnit 101

The Service Unit101 are used to prime the tank cartridges!
They are used to bring the ink level in the tank sponges down so they will not leak after filling.


The additionally available VacuumBoxx for Tank cartridge filling!

Canon C-Racks

Cartridges are hold in any position.
The racks have wide cut outs to allow a complete cartridge outside rinse cleaning afterwards.

The ProFillomat 155 with 4 ink lines

For filling higher volumes of tank cartridges with Jero's AutoFillomat we decided to develop the Profillomat 155!
Based on the ProFill155 the ProFillomat155 operates touch screen controlled and automatically.
Instead of the foot pedal operation the ProFillomat155 will, after insertion of the cartridges, run the filling process of the cartridges fully automated. Parameters can be set in 25 different recipes in the program logic control.
Optionally up to 4 Autofillomat units can be operated with the same unit!
Also optionally we supply the AutoFillomat with a stainless steel cylinder to avoid breakdowns of the plastic syringe in industrial operations.



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