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Would you support me opening an independent Refill shop?
Of course, we have complete shop sets with all the necessary equipment and also all the supplies you need like inks, syringes etc. We will help to find also the right set-up to start with. Trainings for how to fill cartridges are also available.

If I buy a filling machine, can I start recycling cartridges?
Yes, but filling is a part of it. Our ShopFill 55 supports vacuum filling and flush cleaning in one unit!
The recycling process depends on the cartridge type. In general it includes:
a) electrical testing of the circuit
b) cleaning and unclogging of nozzles
c) refilling
d) test printing

How important is the cleaning process?
Successfully cleaning the cartridges and unclogging the nozzles is one of the keys to a profitable recycling operation. There are various cleaning systems existing like the atomizer spray in the ShopClean 55 as well as in the flushing units like ShopClean 105 which clean crosscontaminated colors out from sponge core cartridges.

What is the minimum number of cartridges I need to recycle per month to justify buying your machines?
Assuming a 1 year payback on all equipment that is needed, € 1.50 for recycling supplies including ink, € ~4.00 for the empty cartridge, aproximately 150 cartridges per month.

How important is the print test?
In order to guarantee high quality it is essential to print test all remanufactured cartridges. We support a range of testing units like ShopTester and SmartPrinter for all needs - either in shops or in high volume remanufacturing.

Where can I buy the best ink?
There are numerous good ink manufacturers arround. CBR-E has gone through extensive testing in its production facility to find the best ink for each cartridge type. We sell these inks under our SwissInk label to support you with the best possible success rate.

When I buy your machines, will I be able to recycle all the different cartridges?
Yes, with our equipment virtually all cartridges can be refilled. CBR-E also offers comprehensive process training, either on-site or in our facility. Knowing the process is the key to a successful recycling operation.

What success rate can I expect?
The recycling success rate or yield varies by cartridge type. Aproximately 20-30% are defect cartridges depending on the types of cartridges and procedure you are using.

What cleaning method should I use?
There are many opinions and philosophies in the field. Based on our more than 10 years of inkjet refilling experience we recommend the spray atomizer like the ShopClean 55. This method is highly effective without damaging nozzles like steam does.
For flushing we have our ShopClean 105 where the cartridges get flushed with demineralised water or cleaning fluid especially for pigmented ink.

Can I use the same ink for various cartridges?
The ink is formulated according to the specific cartridge type in order to be compatible with the original ink. The ink is very important and will determine the print quality. Swiss Ink has specified ink to most cartridge types.

With our SwissInk ink range we do support inks e.g. for HP, Lexmark and Canon cartridges. To reduce the number of inks in Refill Shops, this solution provides good quality with low start up cost.

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