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1990 Together with another partner, Fredy Gass founded CBR.
Gass started his computer and printer supplies experiences 1986 with Mannesman Kienzle, Switzerland and 1988 with Pelikan Switzerland. In the early 90’s, CBR remanufactured mainly ribbon cartridges for a large clientele in Switzerland.

1992-93 First requests of inkjet refilling started. Soon, with the growing volumes of inkjet cartridges, we recognised the need to handle with professional equipment.

1993-94 CBR manufactured its own first inkjet filling equipment named “Solution2000” and cleaning equipment named “TG500”, also in order to support other ink jet remanufactures.

1996 CBR was looking for a strategic partnership and was in discussion with several potential partners. In September 1996, a joint venture contract with SME USA, Inc. was signed. CBR AG founded together with SME the world’s leading professional inkjet remanufacturing line under the brand CBR-SME.
The first testing unit TG100 was developed. This unit was capable to test the electrical condition of HP25,26/29,4926-cartridges.

1996-99 CBR has been working over this time as two different profit centres: CBR Produktion was operating in the remanufacturing business and office supplies dealership, while CBR Engineering was focused in manufacturing and developing inkjet remanufacturing systems and solutions for high volume inkjet productions.
CBR Engineering developed and introduced the first fully automated cleaning and filling units on the market: The CleanFillMaster5610 for 26/29-cartridges and the CleanFillMaster800 for 45-cartridges.

2000 Separation between CBR Produktion and CBR Engineering became necessary due to the steady growth of both departments.
The SmartPrinter extended to a range of 7 different models, all with printing options. The unique name code “SmartPrinter” became a standard for the industry.

2001 The separation of CBR Produktion and CBR Engineering was made and the establishment of the new companies CBR Engineering AG and CBR Produktions AG started.
CBR Engineering AG focused on customer needs and demands, all the same whether for a high capacity production plant or simply for a recently developed company with a small output per month.
Therefore, CBR Engineering AG started to work out specific concepts and the first prototypes for the growing shop- and retail refilling market.

2002 The focussing on shop equipment like ShopFill120 and the ShopFill100 reached the customers needs for filling all kind of inkjet cartridges in shop- and retail applications.

2003 Converting of cartridges became possible. At first, 45A to 15 with the SmartPrintWriter800.

2004 The SmartPrinters range reached 8 different models and was improved to an industrial testing standard. As first units, the SmartPrinters were able to identify the recognition codes of all HP cartridges as well as the thermal sensor TSR.

2005 CBR Engineering introduced the ShopTester100, a tester designed for retail/refill shops, provided with new electronic features and print/testing functions.

2007 ShopTester 200 was introduced. Its modular system and its “all in one” functionality made this device to a safe investment for shops and smaller productions!

2008 The shop equipment range was extended with small “production units” in order to offer professional, industrial approved production steps to the shops.

2010 CBR- Engineering re-launched the high volume process again. Based on 6 up racks, the process steps were all designed to treat 6 cartridges at one time.
The Launch of a new filling unit, using GSM technology to control the use of the machine at the franchise stores was made. Also a line of new compatible cartridges filler is now available.

CBR Engineering AG is the technical and industrial competence centre for equipment, supplies and process know-how. We care about the organisation of a successful processing and remanufacturing - either in high volume operation or in shop applications. All the units and products are made to make your and our business easier and to support high quality inkjet refill products.

2013/2014 CBR Engineering has stopped producing inkjet remanufacturing equipment because of the changed Market and the issues of non EU Production place (Switzerland). Spare parts for the CBR-E Equipment are still available on request.

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