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ServiceUnit 100 - 4 function-in-one!

The Service Unit100 combines priming, flushing, filling, air support all in one unit!
> Priming function
> Cleaning function
> Filling function (Brother filling adapter)
> Air support
> Large accessories set

ServiceUnit 100

TapeDispenser for Bluetape

#6425 TapeDispenser for Bluetape
Manually operated solid table model, with adjustable feeding length, for tape core 76 mm (3"), Complete including 1 roll of Bluetape 13mm
Price 74.-

Now available! THE filling jig for HP and Canon cartridges!

The all new HPCa Single Jig is now a multi use refill tool to fill the tank cartridges of HP and Canon.

This jig comes along with several different inserts to refill about 25 different cartridge types!

The cartridges are mounted in the fill box air-tight. After connecting a 60ml luer lock syringe which is filled with the appropriate ink and color, it fills cartridges by doing small movement on the plunger of the syringe.
Easy to handle!

BroLuer - the new filling adapter for Brother cartridges

The new filling adapter for Brother cartridges is available.

BroLuer fits for following cartridge types of the Brother series:

LC10 LC1000 LC11 LC1100 LC1100HY LC1220 LC1240 LC1280 LC16
LC37 LC38
LC61 LC61 LC65 LC67
LC71 LC75 LC79
LC960 LC970 LC980 LC985

Set Content: 2 pc BroLuer adapter and 2 pc 60ml syringes.

Bottle adapters

Bottle adapter for easy filling of luer syringes from
1 liter bottles, 1 set to 10 pcs.

Filling adapters for Brother cartridges

Filling adapters for Brother cartridges are available!
This type adapter opens both cartridge valves automatically by the integrated adapter pins! This has the advantage of filling the cartridge by using a standard membrane pump which our equipment already provides, and using it as a serial filling tool.

Available as single or in a set of 4 pcs! Just slide in the cartridges into the adapter and lock it. The cartridge valves will open automatically by the adapter pins!

Further information

Filladapter using with ServiceUnit100

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