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ServiceUnit 100 - 4 function-in-one! « back

The Service Unit100 combines priming, flushing, filling, air support all in one unit!
> Priming function
> Cleaning function
> Filling function (Brother filling adapter)
> Air support

> Priming function:
The suction cup on one side is for priming and emptying cartridges.

> Filling function:
ServiceUnit 100 drain, flush and prime unit in one! Also filling is no problem!
Just put a black cartridge with nozzle filling adapter to a small scale and fill until the cartridge weight is reached!

> Cleaning function:
After changing the tubes to the opposite the unit is providing demineralised water to flush cross contaminated cartridges!
Both functions together are a perfect service unit for shop environment! Flushing adapter included!

> Air support:
Works perfect as air pump for the JERO Airbox!

> Large accessories set enclosed:
- Pin pointing suction tool
- Flush tubes set with needles
- Suction and drain tube set
- 2 Suction cups with connector small and large

Tecnical datas:
Power supply: 110/240V - 24V/3A
Pump type: High quality industrial diaphragm pump
Pump datas: 24V-60ml/min
Enclosed: Large set of acsessories!
Housing: Stainless steel
Price: Euro700

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